Thursday, August 11, 2005

Corner Market Entrepreneur

Every now and then you encounter someone who makes you step back and say "WOW". My friend, Joe Grant, is one of those special entrepreneurs who is living his dream, experiencing success, and is embraced by his family, friends and customers.

Joe is the proprietor of Grant's Marketplace, which is located on the corner of Beech Street and Date Street in the quaint San Diego neighborhood of South Park (just blocks from the San Diego Zoo and Balboa Park). Three years ago Joe left his job as a school teacher to purchase and renovate this neighborhood corner market, which now bares his name. At the time, the building and the store were not much to see with the naked eye. But Joe, and his wife Kim (one of San Diego County's hottest up and coming architects), saw possibilities. Today, it is a centerpiece gathering place to those who live and work nearby.

I do not make it to San Diego very often, but I always look forward to having a breakfast sandwich, a cup of freshly brewed coffee and a glass of the worlds best orange juice at Grant's Marketplace. While it is not located near the business or tourist districts, I like to pass some time sitting on the patio and talking with Joe or his regular customers. It is the type of place where the locals all know each other's names (think Cheers....NORM !!!!), and regular folks can sit for a few minutes and watch the world go past.

Every time I leave Grant's Marketplace I wish that I lived in the neighborhood, or that my sub-division in Austin, Texas had a community market that was equally inviting.

This year the market has added a gelato bar, properly labeled with a sign announcing the "JOE-LATO". The lunch menu serves Boars Head deli meat sandwiches and freshly made salads. The wine selection is far beyond what you will find in most small corner markets, and if you need milk, cheese, bread or cereal, then you will find superb quality items at Grant's Marketplace.

On a blog that is designed to discuss and highlight sales, networking, marketing, business development and PR...... Joe and his corner market are just the ticket. While most of you will not have the chance to visit this delightful establishment....look around your own city and find those hard working entrepreneurs who are living the dream, and smile in their direction. They are exactly who we should admire in this world.

Have A Great Day.

Thom Singer

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Nice post. Always great to read about men and women embracing their entrepreneurial dream!

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