Friday, August 12, 2005

Find A Niche

I am a big fan of people who have unique businesses. Everytime I meet an entrepreneur who has discovered a unique niche, and makes it work, I am impressed. Often these people have persued their personal passions and found a way to make those interests into a career.

My favorite of these people is my older brother, Bill Singer. I remember being a small kid and listening to him play the saxophone on the back porch of our parents house. He enjoyed playing the horn, and his love of music eventually took him to New York City. In addition to playing the saxophone, he learned to repair his instrument.....and now is one of the top saxophone repairmen in the Big Apple. Yes, you can build a business in "Saxophone Repair" that is a great niche.

His business is built the foundation of excellent customer service, unparalled skill, and a contageous enthusiasm for the general enviornment of the musicians daily experience.

Because the saxophone is such a delicate instrument, and so few people know how to properly do repairs, he also developed a set of "how to" videos on general saxophone maintenance. This is an example of how you can grow your business, even when opperating in a niche.

Bill is an entrepreneur who is living his dream and making his mark on the world. Learn more about his business at

Have A Great Day.

Thom Singer

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