Friday, August 19, 2005

PR Professionals Beware

While reading a post on a blog yesterday, I laughed so loud that the person in the next office came over to see what on earth could be that funny.

Monica Bay, the editor-in-chief of Law Technology News and author of The Common Scold Blog had a post titled "The Penalty Box". She has decided that far too many PR professionals send press releases abusing the use of the word "solutions" in their text. She now has an actual penalty box on the right hand side of her blog where she posts offending press releases that abuse the term.

The current culprits have twelve and thirteen uses in each release.

As a marketing director, I am cautious not to laugh too loud (when you live in a glass house, you should not throw rocks). I am sure that I have sent many a press release that would cause flags to be thrown all over the field. But I commend Monica for putting everyone on notice for this over use of the word "solutions".

Other offences that are worthy of penalties:
  • Too Many Releases. Some companies put out a press release every time an executive uses the restroom. Make sure that you actually have "news" before you send out a press release.
  • Long Press Releases. You are not writing a book. Stay on message.
  • Too Many Quotes. Not everyone in your organization needs to have a quote in every release.
  • Expecting Coverage. I know a lot of people who get angry at the press when they send a release that is not turned into a page one story. The editors get to decide what gets covered, that is just the way it works.

Thanks to Monica for a humorous way of drawing attention to an important issue for everyone who issues releases to the press.

Have A Great Day.

Thom Singer

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