Sunday, May 27, 2012

Stay You

The Holiday Inn hotel chain is running a national advertising campaign with the slogan "Stay You" (playing off the word "stay" as meaning both remaining and as a hotel visit).  This blog post has nothing to do with the pros or cons of choosing your lodging..... but we all need the reminder from time to time of "be TRUE to yourself".

"Staying you" is important, and there is often a lot of pressure to the contrary.  In my profession as a motivational and educational speaker and trainer I often see many of my peers who build their presentations around a "SCHTICK", or preach values they do not live by on a day to day basis.  Many are proud of the personas and gimmicks they wear like a costume when doing their jobs.  They are being actors, not speakers.

The best compliment I ever received was from a friend who saw me present at a conference.  After the speech he walked up and said "wow, you have created a job where you just get to stand up and be 'Thom'".  He had known me for a long time and felt that my style was authentic to my soul.  His words have stayed with me for years as I have expanded and grown my business.... I try to make sure I stay "me".

In all professions people feel the need to forward a facade.  But there is no reason for not being true to yourself.  Most of the successful people I know are very comfortable in their own skin.  They are confident in their experience, beliefs and abilities.  The best among us are often aware of their faults and are not trying to disguise their short-comings.

Take a minute to think about this post and share it with others.  Are you staying you?

Have A Great Day.

thom singer

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