Thursday, May 17, 2012

Networking Shortcuts for Career Success

There are no shortcuts to career success.  It takes time to building long-term and mutually beneficial relationships (the kind that lead to real opportunities).  Those who are serious about developing better careers cannot "fast-forward" the steps necessary to establish a lasting reputation in their business community.

People ask me about the credibility of the latest "gimmicks" that business gurus are promoting.  They want to know if the investment matches the outcome.  The answer is "who knows.... it is up to you!"   Most programs on the market that teach career success have good ideas, but there is no way to achieve results than doing the work.  You must do the pay attention to the "job" (do good work) and to the "networking quotient" (establish connections that are meaningful).

We live in a world where everyone seeks shortcuts.  But for people to really know you and what makes you great... you need to invest the time to show them by your actions.  We can "know" someone superficially by reading their online profiles,.... but that does not mean we have a two-way trusting relationship.  If the goal is just to be "known" then the relationship is one sided.  You have to "know" the other people back.  People only care if they think you care.  Following a celebrity online is nice, but it is not a friendship (They do not know you back!).

Forget the gimmicks, shtick, and shortcuts.... make your strategy one of "Choosing People" and you will never be sorry for your efforts!

Have A Great Day.

thom singer

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