Saturday, May 26, 2012

Law Firm Partner Retreat Speaker

If your law firms is seeking an educational and motivational speaker who will inspire your team and create meaningful conversation on how to navigate growth in your business community.... look no further.

My experience in business, marketing, coaching and consulting includes considerable time working with attorneys.  I worked inside two AM LAW 100 firms in marketing and business development roles, and since launching my consulting and speaking business I have worked with hundreds of lawyers.

Law schools do not teach basic business skills, causing many to mistakenly assume that marketing is not important to a successful practice.  Understanding how  to create a personal brand, network, sell their services, and present themselves to the community can seem "easy", but are frustrating to many lawyers who would prefer to do good work and serve interesting clients.

I will engage the partners and associates in your firm in a way that many have never experienced.  Challenging how they have looked at the power of business relationships, I will leave them better situated to grow their reputation and discover more business opportunities.

More information at  (512) 970-0398.  thom (at)

Have A Great Day.

thom singer

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