Monday, May 14, 2012

Does LinkedIn Matter?

I was recently the speaker at a business event.  After my talk (about the "Power of Business Relationships") one of the executives in the audience asked me "Does LinkedIn really matter?".

She was the executive director of a non-profit.

My answer was "Only if you might ever want to find another job or collect any donations from donors to your organization".  Oh... "or if you ever plan to hire anyone".  Or "if you are an active part of your business community!"

You should assume that everyone with whom you meet is looking for information about you before the appointment. This is not stalking, but instead a way to seek ideas for things and people you may have in common.

I also recommend that you never go to a meeting without reading the other person's profile!  The little nuggets of information you obtain might be all you need to forge a meaningful conversation that leads to a more successful meeting.

My explanation to her included that it only matters if it matters to one other person who is looking for information about her (either to hire her, or because they are interested in her non-profit).  When people seek information and it is difficult to attain, they are filled with joy... they are frustrated.  When those who actively use LinkedIn as a research tool discover someone is not present (or has a lame profile), they often think "out of touch".

If you are sure that nobody will ever seek information about you via LinkedIn, then it does not matter.  But for that one person to whom it does matter.... well....... what impression are you sending?

Your choice.

Have A Great Day.

thom singer

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