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Public Speaking / Presentation Skills Coaching - Austin, Texas

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Presentation Skills Coaching

Public speaking is a skill. Much as in sports, some people have natural abilities, while others have to work harder to learn the basics.  However, everyone can improve their level of speaking to audiences with a combination of understanding and practice.

For an executive who is used to excelling in other areas of their business, speaking can sometimes be overwhelming.  Natural and rationalized fears of being in front of a group can keep professionals from accepting the opportunities to speak.  However, these speaking opportunities are often one of the most effective ways of establishing credibility as an expert in an industry.

Keep in mind is that speakers speak.  The necessary skills to connect with an audience cannot be learned through study alone.

Presentation skills coaching involves study, discussion and live presentations over several months. Nobody improves to their maximum level in a single day.  A one or two class is not enough to have lasting impact on a presenter.  It can take hundreds of talks to become great, but when properly focused every speaker can improve their expertise with each speech.


3 face-to-face meetings with professional speaker Thom Singer. Two of these meetings will involve Thom attending live presentations (with immediate follow up discussion) and one video review session.  These meetings include attendance at client's presentation, and then three hours of discussion on the same day.  Video review session will be three hours in length.

6 one hour phone or Skype calls to discuss the executive's individual needs in regards to writing, practicing, PPT creation, and delivering presentations.

Unlimited email access to answer questions for three months.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of the three months the executive can expect to:

*Tell their story with a combination of content and style.

*Achieve greater comfort in front of an audience

*Let their real personality show through when they speak

*Quickly establish credibility and engage the audience

*Properly use PowerPoint as a tool for their presentation, not as a handout for the audience

*Handle audience Q&A and still keep control to deliver a powerful close

*Utilize attending other speaker’s presentations as a personal learning experience

For more information contact Thom Singer at (512) 970-0398 or thom (at)  

About Thom Singer:

Thom Singer is a professional conference speaker and corporate trainer who has delivered over 300 formal presentations to business audiences.  His experience as a speaker began over a decade ago and has grown into an engaging career.  He has been a key observer of the meetings business and the speaking industry, and has developed his own delivery style that is sought after by audiences around the United States and beyond.  

His personal mantra about public speaking is "Just because someone is smart or has done something cool - does NOT mean they belong on the stage".  He finds the argument between "content vs. style" to be ridiculous and firmly believes that every speaker owes it to their audience to deliver BOTH.  Being asked to speak is a high honor, and Singer believes that everyone who addresses an audience should remember that they are there to serve the audience.

He challenges corporate executives to never "wing it" when they speak, but to instead embrace their commitment to those who will be listening to their words.  A memorable presentation is about more than the PowerPoint, and how the speaker tells their story will be the difference between "wow" and "blah"


reinkefj said...

How much? When? I'm not sure I could ROI it. But without those two key facts, can't even try.

thomsinger said...

reindefj - Thanks for the comment. Contact me directly for details. This program is not for everyone, and I need to have a conversation on the purpose for wanting such coaching to event know if I am the right fit. It is the right value for executives who need to be their best on stage.