Friday, July 08, 2011

The Intentional Networker by Patti DeNucci

Networking and connections expert Patti DeNucci recently released her first book, The Intentional Networker.  Patti lives in Austin and is an institution in the Central Texas business community.  She is my friend, and we currently are both on the board of the Austin Chapter of the National Speakers Association.

Some might ask, "Why another book on Networking?... aren't there enough books on that subject?"  (You might think I would ask that since I have written seven!).  However, this topic is VERY important, and few people really know how to really cultivate the power of business relationships.  Most professionals think they are already good at networking, but are often puzzled as to why most of their efforts to make connections fall short of achieving results.

Patti's book is well written and clearly reminds people of not just the "how", but the "why" of attracting powerful relationships (ummm, referrals and results!!!).  If you have struggled with rationalizing all the reasons NOT to network, you should get over yourself and discover how to engage in your community to find more business, have an impact (giving back), become more efficient and have a ton of fun along the way.

The title of chapter one is "Know Who You Are".  Wow, right out of the starting gate Patti nails an often overlooked problem.... people do not really know their purpose, or even where they fit into the business landscape.  If you do not know who you are, how will other people understand the value you bring to the table?

Reading the book is a wonderful journey in understanding the benefits of being intentional in not just your networking, but in all areas of your life.   She quotes dozens of experts and shares touching stories of how people have established their personal and professional brands while discovering amazing levels of success.

Enjoy the book!

Have A Great Day.

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