Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Park N Fly Houston Airport - Customer Service Failure

Too often we all encounter employees at companies who are not empowered to correct a situation.  If something is not part of the regular procedure then they have no ideas.... and no authority.... to create a happy customer experience.

I had a little run-in yesterday with an employee at "Park N Fly" after returning to Texas from a 12 day trip.  In the end I was not going to have a longer conversation (it already went too long) over $12.60, but I did decide that "The Parking Spot" seems like a good alternative the next time I need to leave my car at an airport.

When your product is a commodity, and long-term parking lots around the Houston Airport (and most other airports) are plentiful, then you have to go the extra mile to make sure that your people are positively impacting the customer or they can just turn into the next parking lot the next time.

How about your company?  Do your people have the training and authority to make decisions to keep a customer?

Have A Great Day.

thom singer

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