Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Are You Filled With Honey or Vinegar?

I gave a copy of my book, "The ABC's of Networking", to a man sitting in my row on my recent flight to Milan.  We had talked for a while, and he was delightful.... and clearly had a kind soul.  He read the entire book during the flight (Hey, we do call it an "Airplane Book"), and then shared his insights on why the message was important.

One thing he said has stuck with me:

He said, quoting (paraphrasing) Rumi, 
"What is special about bees?  They only seek what is beautiful in the world (the flowers), and never pay attention to anything ugly.  Thus what they produce (honey) is so amazingly sweet."

How about you?  Are you like a bee?  Do you seek to find the positive and beauty in your surroundings or are you constantly focusing on what is wrong with everything?  Are you producing honey or vinegar?  (The people around you already know the answer.... do you?).

Bees are interesting creatures, as they both work together to create highly networked societies.... and yet they successfully venture forth alone to get things done (gathering pollen).  They work hard (you don't see many lazy bees lounging around the hive) without complaint.  They are gentle in action, but have the ability to sting when necessary.  And their product is sweet and makes the world (and a biscuit) better because of their efforts.

I did not get the name of man on the plane.... our paths simply crossed on a trans-Atlantic flight, but his words touched my heart.  I am captivated by the thought that "a focus on beauty produces sweetness".  It is powerful and something we all need to remember.

I am reminded that we never know when we might have an impact on another person.  If this gentleman and I had not talked, or if I had not shared my book, I would have missed this lesson on seeing beauty in the world.  We must be open to those around us and hear the messages they bring, as the people we meet might be full of honey.

Have A Great Day

thom singer

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Leslie M said...

Very inspirational, Thom. Thanks for putting a smile on my face today.