Monday, January 05, 2009

New Year Enthusiasm

Today was the first official work day of 2009.

If each day of the year everyone worked with the same level of enthusiasm that they put forth today, there would be no recession.

I saw it in every aspect of my day. People were pumped up: At work, online, in restaurants, in coffee shops, on the street, ...EVERYWHERE!!! Never before have so many people been so happy to see the old year closed out and be over.

Good-bye 2008...don't let the door hit you in the ass!

SLAM. The last year is shut and nailed closed. Seems everyone had issues with 2008.

Today people had an optimistic glow about them. Smiles were returning to faces and their eyes again had that twinkle of hope that had been missing during the fourth quarter.

Everyone was working hard to launch 2009 with gusto. Seems they were looking ahead to all their big projects in the upcoming months and getting the ball rolling.

I had three meeting planners contact me in one day to inquire about my speaking at their events this year. That was exciting, as I am looking to do more professional speaking this year, and it was fun to talk with them and hear their plans for meetings, educational seminars and conferences.

The worries about the economy seemed to be melting away as people were tackling a variety of action items to move forward with the new year. Everyone had long "To Do" lists today and were plowing through leaving check marks behind them as they flew down the page.

Yes, it is just one day. But I was watching everyone I encountered on this first work day of 2009 as a way of looking into the crystal ball. I cannot really predict the future, but if today has any insight, this year has some great things coming for us all.

Happy New Year and Have A Great Day.


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