Thursday, January 15, 2009

National Speakers Association

In 2008 I finally qualified for membership in the National Speakers Association. There are three options to qualify, and I actually hit them all. I was surprised to find that I gave 47 presentations in 2008 and I estimate that was close to 3000 people who saw me speak in audiences from 10 people to as large as 1400.

I have heard mostly great things about the organization, and feel that it is an important milestone in my professional speaking career.... so I joined.

I look forward to attending their national conference and might try to hit a workshop in Florida in February. I have discovered that professional speakers are very giving individuals and most that I have met actively share both advice, brainstorming ideas and referrals when they are not available for an event (some are also selfish, arrogant and protective -- this is the real world, not Mayberry).

Since I teach that having a strong network pf professional contacts in any field leads to greater success.... I predict that my closer involvement with other speakers will be very beneficial. I hope I can find a way to bring value to other members of the organization.

Have A Great Day.


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JibberJobber Guy said...

NSA is the only MUST GO TO networking event I go to when I'm in town (I'm talking about my local chapter meeting). And normally I don't got to networking events if I have to pay, but I gladly pay $40 each meeting.

Aside from what you mention in your post, I have found these people to be uber-entrepreneurs. I am absolutely amazed at what these business owners are doing with their businesses, how creative they are, and how resourceful they are in all aspects of their business.

And, like you mentioned, they are kind and happy to share info.

It's a must-join organization!

(I'm not a member yet, haven't gotten my stuff together, but I still go each month that I can)