Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Tonight my wife and I attended the Texas Presidential Inaugural Celebration at the Four Seasons in Austin, Texas. It was not quite the same as being in Washington DC, but the sold out event was packed with local folks who wanted to come out and dance the night away to honor the 44th President of the United States.

We attended with a small group, and we were also celebrating our friend Kelsey's 40th birthday. On the day she was born, Richard Nixon was sworn into office. Who could have imagined the changes the world would see during those four decades.

It was fun to watch the festivities and party atmosphere, which were kicked off by local television personality Judy Maggio. The rendition of "God Bless America" by Pamela Hart brought the house down. And kudos to the red-headed lady in the green dress (with full length golves) and her husband (date, boyfriend???) who knew how to dance the samba like nobodies business -- They were great!!!

I love any time people can come together. The spirit of people being united is the key to all success. This day was a symbol of a new beginning. Inspiration seems to be looming over everyone, regardless of where they stand in the phony political divide.

Good luck, Barak Obama. Godspeed.

Have A Great Day.


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Unknown said...

Thom, thanks for choosing to celebrate with the inaguration crowd and also for your "looming inspiration" observation.
I notice that I am leaning forward in anticipation of some bold and inspired leadership actions from Obama. This also prompts me to look for opportunities where I have not taken leadership in my world. I like having inspiration looming around me.