Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy New Month

There was a real sense of excitement on New Years Eve and New Years Day 2009. People embraced the idea of a fresh start. 2008 was not a good year for many, but the thoughts of 2009 had them roaring to go.

Then real life and routine came back for everyone and by now many people have already forgotten the feeling of a "new beginning".

Come on folks, it is only 31 days into 2009.

Tomorrow is February 1st. Why not feel that way you did on January 1st?

Happy New Month!!!

Reclaim your enthusiasm.

Have A Great Day.



JF said...

In truth and as objectively as possible, has the first 31 days of 2009 been all that positive? I think not. The worst January in the history of the DOW. Job losses Nationally and locally at huge levels. Major policy changes coming (it's political so it doesn't need expounding).

Anonymous said...

Great post, Tom - it's so important to remember that the only effective changes are the ones that come from within. Like a lot of folks, I found pressures at work and the dismal news re: jobs, economy, etc. weighing on my attitude in January. Your post brought me up short. If the only thing I can change about what's going on in the world is ME, then it's best to get on about doing it! I'm off and running with a new lease on life - thanks for the prodding.