Saturday, November 26, 2005

Weekend Blog #19 - Going Places

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"Going Places"

Today I was in Borders Books and happened upon a book signing and talk by Fox News personality E.D. Hill. She has just released a new book called "Going Places" in which she interviews dozens of politicians, actors, sports figures, journalists, business tycoons and other famous folk. She grew up in the Austin area, so I assume her family (many of whom were with her at the book store) were in Texas for the Thanksgiving Holiday and she decided to get a little work in to promote the book.

I thought that her short address to this eclectic audience in a suburban bookstore would be light and fluffy, but it turned out to be a very thought provoking and inspiring. Ms. Hill covered a plethora of topics including: her Texas upbringing, career, family, politics, the Iraq war, Fox News, raising children, religion and even Bill O'Reilly. I was impressed with her presentation skills, her commitment to her husband and children (they have EIGHT between them), the success she has achieved and how cool she is in her own skin.

My eight-year-old daughter (Jackie) was with me and sat through the whole talk enthralled with what this former Austinite and TV personality. Jackie did get a bit embarrassed when I asked a question (dad's can be so embarrassing when you are eight), and did not like the fact that Ms. Hill shared that she does not allow her own children to watch television during the school week.... (I think this is something Jackie already fears I might institute at our home someday). But beyond that she, too, thought the talk was great.

I would have liked to purchase a copy of the book, but the one hundred plus crowd (many of whom arrived four hours early to ensure premium seating) had already coveted all the copies in stock. Fortunately, my kids are looking for a gift for me this I will direct them to her website at or where they can purchase it for me in time for it to be under the tree.

I look forward to reading "Going Places". If it is half as good as today's presentation, it will certainly be fabulous.

***On a side note, E.D. Hill is donating all the proceeds from her book to charity, which is very cool!!!

Have A Great Weekend.

Thom Singer

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