Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

In the United States we celebrate "Thanksgiving Day" on the last Thursday of November. This tradition goes back over 300 years to when the pilgrims gave thanks for their lives in the new world.

Regardless of your religious belief or nationality, I think Thanksgiving is one of the greatest concepts for a holiday. We are all fortunate for something. Even when we face trials and tribulations, there is good somewhere in our world.

For those who read these word on the internet, near or far..... take a moment today and think about what there is in your life for which you are thankful. I know we get busy and it is easy to take everything for granted......

Today I give thanks for:

  • My wife and daughters. They are spectacular and I love them
  • My dad and mom who taught me so much. I was fortunate to always feel unconditional love.
  • My three older brothers and their families. I get so much joy from being part of their lives.
  • My friends (who are like family) both here in Austin, and around the country.
  • My church. Never before have I experienced such a feeling of community from a congregation as I do at St. John Neumann.
  • My career. It has been bumpy, but always an adventure.
  • The completion of my first book. I had wanted to write this for so long. Thanks to Dave and Leslie for being my partners and helping make it such a success. And thank you to the hundreds of people who have read it !!
  • Freedom.

Have A Great Thanksgiving Day.

Thom Singer

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