Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Since I began this blog in March of this year (2005) I have been fortunate to get to know several other bloggers, both locally in Austin and via email and phone with people around the world.

This networking amongst bloggers is called "Netblogging". It begins when one blogger either leaves a constructive comment on another's blog, or sends a supportive email cheering on the successful efforts of a superior blog.

Soon, the bloggers have added each other to their "Blog Rolls" and regularly quote each other as expert testimony for their own posts. Before long, both have made a new friend. (If you want to read some GREAT blogs...check out those on my blog roll).

I must admit, I just made up the word "Netblogging"..... but I think it will catch on in the blogosphere.

Tell a friend and may your Netblogging Efforts be successful.

Have you ever made up a word? Go to and register it. If you type in "Netblogging" you will see that I made it up and claimed it as my own. is an interesting site.....check it out and type in your favorite words and see where they take you. (Not just made up words).

Have A Great Day.

Thom Singer


HART (1-800-HART) said...

Now that's a neat site. Although, it's quite open to abuse .. case in point .. I've added "HART's Famous Chili Recipe" under "Famous Chili Recipe". People can probably slam sites .. like, say "Jerk" or other word that's not linked yet - then link a website. I hope they are recording IP's and taking precautions, I guess.

Scott Ingram said...


Sometimes your timing is just too perfect. I had just finished posting my notes for my presentation today about business blogging this morning when I came across your post. I'd written a paragraph about networking with other bloggers. I love this term, and as an example of networking with other bloggers added a link to your post to my own blog.

Happy netblogging!

Scott Ingram