Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Inspirational Words From A Haircare Entrepreneur

"Success is not an entitlement. It has to be earned."
Howard Schultz (1954 - ). Chairman of Starbucks Coffee Company

Monday night I had the honor of hearing one of the best business speakers,...EVER!!! John Paul DeJoria gave a wonderful talk at the Bootstap Austin monthly meeting. He is the co-founder of John Paul Mitchell Systems, and is a true entrepreneur (see "bootstapper").

Having lived out of his car when he started his first company (what is now one of the largest hair care products company in the world), he is now invested in dozens of other businesses globally.

He told his story of growing his businesses, but more importantly he shared his heart. What makes him so impressive is his dedication to his family, employees, business partners and the people of the world. He is NOT one of the rich guys who has made it by entitlement.....he has earned it. With his millions (billions?) of dollars, he is still just a humble and nice guy.

He freely gave of his time to speak with the mostly twenty-something crowd of up and coming entrepreneurs and his message was well received.

His main points were:

1. Be frugal when you start your business, and pay yourself first (and save your money).

2. When selling your products or services, don't give up too easily.

3. If you treat people well, you have a better shot at achieving great things.

4. Never criticize employees in public. However, let the world hear you when you praise them!

5. Success unshared is failure. You must give back to society.

6. Never forget the order of things: Happiness, Health ...then Wealth.

I have heard many, many business speakers and John Paul was real, genuine and inspirational.

Have A Great Day.

Thom Singer

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