Wednesday, November 30, 2005

How The Heck Did It Get To Be December?

Don't look now, but tomorrow is December 1st. Yes, 2005 is almost over. Did you accomplish all those business goals that you set in January? Have you even looked at them since February???

Most of us begin January by proclaiming we will do more in the new year than we have in the past. But alas, we get busy and our old routines take control. By June realize the year is half over, and we try to re-commit, but often fail to reach our goals.

For some reason professional services firms look at December as a wasted month. They wrongly assume that it is too late to chase new business and that there are too many distractions to get the attention of clients and prospects. They just write off December and start thinking about those goals for the new year.

I suggest that you look at December as a GREAT time to build, cultivate and strengthen your network (and thus grow your business). Scott Ingram at the "Network in Austin Blog" agrees. He has a post this week reminding his readers to use December as a month to reconnect.

This month you have an excuse to send a greeting card just to say "Hello" (although you shouldn't need an reason to reach out to your clients and prospects). There are lots of parties in the corporate world to allow you to go out and network (not to mention all the private parties hosted by business professionals who are your friends). People are generally in a good mood, and you if you never know how to start a networking conversation you can always lead with: "Are you doing anything special for the holidays?" or "What are your business goals for the new year?"

Once you have recovered from the shock that it is NOT waste any more time. Only 31 days left to make a mark in 2005.

Have A Great Day.

Thom Singer

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