Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Your Goals and Your Soul

I am a big believer in the power of goal setting. I have discovered that it is much easier to make good decisions when you know what you want to achieve. My own life has been touched by successes when I have clearly defined goals, and marked by failures when I am simply drifting along the path. This is not to say that I have always achieved every goal I have sought, but sometimes making it part way is a success unto itself.

While I do not often write about religion in regards to business, I do think that you must be true to your own spiritual beliefs in the business world. If you are a person who has a religious belief system, you cannot ignore those convictions in your actions at work or eventually you will become jaded and find yourself falling short in both your business goals and your spirituality.

One former co-worker, "Craig", is an elder in his church. He wastes no time in sharing this information and likes to show others that he is a "good" Christian man. At the same time, I witnessed him make some ethical blunders and other selfish choices in the work environment. His reaction is to claim that,"this is just business", rationalizing to others that it is okay to circumvent his understanding of right and wrong to help progress his career. The part he does not understand is that co-workers and clients notice these inconsistencies, and rather than helping himself, he actually limits his success.

Another important thing to remember is the old saying; "Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it!". While humorous, it is also the truth. In my own life, I believe strongly in the power of prayer, and I have always linked my goals to my prayers. I have found that you must be clear on the goals you set and for what you pray. In 2004 I was in search of a new job. I set out looking for a new opportunity that would provide me with "more responsibility, more authority and more money." When I found a position that offered me these things I felt elated that my prayers had been answered. What I failed to realize was that I also desired to work for a stable company with a real "team" environment, and to work for a boss that would be a great role model. Since I had not clarified these desires as part of my original goals (and prayers), I ignored them when making my decision to accept the position. From the beginning the job was a disaster, even though it was exactly what I had thought I wanted. I lasted less than a year. When I moved to my new company I was very clear with myself (and God) about what was important to my "soul", not just the title and salary. I now have a job that has meets all these requirements.

Get to know yourself at the core and be true to your "heart and soul" both in your personal and business life. Never ignore your spiritual beliefs in your work environment, as to do so will leave you unfulfilled. And finally, set your goals and pray for the ability to achieve greatness.

Have a great day

Thom Singer

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