Monday, June 13, 2005

Networking for Networkers

The other night I was fortunate to attend the book release party for my friend Steve Harper's book, The Ripple Effect. The book, as I have mentioned in a previous post, is about the importance of building strong personal relationships, helping others, and changing the world. If this launch party was any indication, the book is well on it's way to achieving these goals.

Over 100 people who know and respect Steve Harper came out to buy the book, support the author and network with other cool people from the local business community. It was an eclectic gathering, and everyone there understood the power of networking and how relationships with other people can be incredibly beneficial. While I did not know many of those in the room, it availed me the opportunity to meet many fascinating new people. It was a room a-buzz with networking. Steve instinctively knew how to bring networker together for networking.

One of Steve's mantras is that if you throw a stone into the water...the ripples you create will cross the whole pond. One is not even aware when the ripples begin, just where they will end up. I think that there were many connections made at this event, and only time will tell how those people will effect each others lives.

Congratulations to The Ripple Effect. And don't forget to read Steve's Blog.

Have a Great Day

Thom Singer

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Steve Harper said...

Thom you are right. We had an amazing turn out. Just in the past two days, I have heard from at least six or seven people that through their new connections from the event were successful in bridging some new business transactions, employment opportunities and potentially the beginnings of a romantic relationship. You just never know what you can expect to find at these types of events. The ripples can run wide and deep!

Keep up the excellent work on the blog!