Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Peak Performers

One of the best business books I have ever read is a 1986 classic written by Charles Garfield; Peak Performers: The New Heroes of American Business. Garfield spent nearly twenty years trying to figure out what causes some people to strive to be the best, while others bask in the glow of mediocrity.

He discovered all types of individuals can become peak performers, and that they are made....not born. Regardless of industry, he uncovered these superheros of the business world in every corner of the United States.

Possessing key attributes, a peak performer will very likely:

  • Be motivated toward results by a personal mission
  • Posses the twin capacities of self-management and team mastery
  • Have the ability to correct course and manage change

Every field has those who reach the top. There are those who are in the top 10% and then those who are the top 1%. I am facinated by those who have that "spark". Amazing are the people who are able to work harder (or is it smarter?) and do so without visible signs of effort. They accomplish more than others in the same profession. These people stand out in everything they do.

I have a friend who we have call "Midas". Since college he has had a spectacular career, is able to spot great investments, and helps others build their companies.... the whole time having the ability to maintain a phenominally strong network of business and personal contacts. All that, and he still has a great family life.

How about you? Are you a peak performer?

Feel free to post your comments to this blog on what you believe makes someone a peak performer.

Have a great day.

Thom Singer


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Steve Harper said...

I am trying to be a peak performer. I love this entry! Keep up the excellent work Thom!

Steve Harper