Saturday, June 11, 2005

Weekend Blog

I thought I would try something new with the blog on the weekends. As the blog has been evolving (and actually attracting readers), I am attempting to provide some useful content and links for readers who have a desire to learn more about networking, business development, marketing, PR, etc.... However, I thought on the weekends I might try to have an "Open House." Just some random posts. So what the heck, I am giving it a try. Please feel free to let me know what you think of the idea and the off topic posts. You can email me or post a comment.

The Best Cookbook In The World

Yes, my first random post of the weekend blog is a blatant commercial for my wife's cookbook: The Mad At Martha Cookbook. Sara and her friend, Kelsey, released this book two years ago. At the time I gained 15 pounds, because I had to sample all 150 recipes in the book. Thus, I can tell you first hand, that the food one can make from this cookbook is delicious.

The premise of the book is that certain food shows and magazines make cooking a gourmet meal an intimidating task. Many men and women would rather cater or serve pre-packaged foods than undertake some of the culinary marvels that they are told they need to create in order to be successful in the kitchen. This book tells you that cooking should be fun and easy. You should not have to grow your own basil or blow your own glassware to properly serve dinner. They make it easy. Every ingredient can be found at a regular do not have to go to some random specialty store in New England to buy anything for these creations.

And the best part, anyone can follow the easy steps to make these foods. Some are very simple, others a bit more complicated....but they tell you in advance how much prep time and cook time you should expect.

My favorite recipes? The Cranberry Chicken, The Fudge (It is my sister-in-law, Yvette's recipe...and it is so good that I feel sorry for all other fudge), and Thom's Chicken Enchiladas (Yes, I made up that I have to like it....but others say it is good too!!!)

You can buy the book through Barnes & Noble or at Oh, and it makes a GREAT GIFT !!!!

Have a fun weekend.

Thom Singer

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