Friday, June 24, 2005

Believe In Your Product/Believe In Yourself

A post on Tom Kane's Legal Marketing Blog last weekend got me thinking. His post, titled: "Believe in what you are selling" is directed at lawyers (as "legal marketing" is the focus of his blog)....but it is powerfully true for everyone.

If you own a business or are in sales, the lack of commitment to what you are doing can be terminal. A great quote that Kane sites in his blog is from Harry F. Banks: "A salesman minus enthusiasm is just a clerk." Wow. Think about that. Even if you are not in sales, insert any job title in that quote and it is still as powerful.

You have to have passion about what you are doing or you will fail. I know many people who toil along in mediocre careers that just pay the bills. They do not get excited about going to work, nor do they give 100% to succeeding in their chosen vocation. While everyone goes through days or weeks where they feel disconnected from the joy that a thriving career can provide...if this become the normal state of things then I recommend making a change.

I do not necessarily mean changing jobs. A change of attitude can be just as powerful.

To change your attitude is not easy, but you can do it. Focus on what is good about your work situation (come on, there is certainly something good), and do not dwell on the negative. Tell yourself that you are going to go in everyday and find ways to contribute more to your company than you did the day before.

I am a big believer that accomplishment leads to a better attitude. Often we get overwhelmed by the fact that we have so many things to do that we do not see the contributions we are already making. Make "to do" lists daily that show all the tasks that you need to accomplish. Write down all the tasks, not just the big ones or those that are behind schedule. Then cross off the tasks as you complete them. I always find when I do this, that I am getting more done than I had realized and success breeds success (which means I am able to get to more tasks when I feel I have momentum).

Have a great day.

Thom Singer

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