Sunday, May 24, 2015

Read, Listen, Learn, and Understand New Information..... Everyday

40 Tips To Re-Invent and Re-Launch at Age 40, 50, or Beyond. (Tip #4)

Re-invention is not easy.  You cannot rely on your past knowledge and habits to take you in a new direction.  To re-launch in a new direction you must become an avid learner of the new career or lifestyle that you seek to conquer.   

Often people make assumptions about their new life, and make decisions based on what they feel and think.  This is often a recipe for failure. To undertake major change without an understanding of reality will mean more mistakes.  

Devote time to learning as much as you can about a new career, industry, etc...  Do this in advance of making the leap, but also everyday until you have become the master of that universe.  Then remind yourself to never stop learning.  Read books and articles, listen to podcast, take classes, practice new talents, and talk with people who have achieved the level of expertise you seek. Always be seeking new knowledge.

Never before in history have we had such access to information.  The internet has put everything we could ever want to learn at our fingertips.  Plus we now have a direct way to contact people who are living the lives we desire.  And still many fail to take advantage of the ease of learning and making key connections.

Sites like Coursera have put college classes, taught by professors at the top universities, online and free of charge.  I have taken several Coursera classes, and they are an awesome way to access top academic educational ideas and theories.  You need not be enrolled at Harvard to participate in a class taught by one of their professors, and they will challenge you to think bigger.  

Additionally, there are podcasts on any topic you can imagine.  With a smart phone and access to iTunes and Stitcher you can turn time in your car or at your gym into an education session.  Everything under the sun is discussed on podcasts, and while not all of them are awesome, there are many that will change your life if you listen regularly to the advice and the stories that are shared.

Interviewing experts is also a fantastic way to learn.  My own podcast, "Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do", was born out of my desire to learn more about life as entrepreneur and to be inspired by people who are living in entrepreneurial ways.  I was told that if you interview 50 people, you will never be the same again. This was great advice, and now after 73 interviews I can assure you that asking smart people to share their experiences is a fast way to learn, grow and become inspired.

If you are serious about a fresh start (at any age) you must become a dedicated student.  Those who will succeed at talking their life in a new direction will be those who are learning everyday.

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