Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Handwritten Notes and Showing Up In-Person (Better than a text???)

A good friend of mine mentors a college student. The student had interviewed for a job, but the company had not responded to her after the initial interview.  She was curious what to do, so my friend recommended writing a handwritten note and hand-delivering it to the person she had met with a few weeks earlier.

For a digital native the idea of handwritten note and an unexpected physical visit to the company seemed like advice from Mars.  But, she trusts her mentor, and instead of sending yet another email she showed up with her note.

Her is the email she sent my friend:
Dear "Mentor"-
I wanted to thank you for your advice last week to write a hand written thank-you note and to hand deliver it. Going there unexpected was one of the scariest things I've done so far but I feel like it was probably one of the most effective things I could have done. The lady I interviewed with explained how the next person that was supposed to contact me hasn't reached out yet because they have been out sick with strep throat. Here's to hoping I hear from them soon; it is a dream opportunity.   
    Thank-you again; I think I really needed that push out the door. This first year after school has ironically been one of my steepest learning curves. 
All the best
Even in our text and email world, the personal touch goes a long way.  I applaud this Millenial for going the extra mile.  I hope she gets the job.

There is often a lot of debate about the power of the handwritten note and the personal touch, but it still works.  I think that many who argue against this "old school" approach are simply not wanting to put in any effort.  Too often people think "how do I streamline my actions to make my own life easier".  This is selfish thinking.  Instead, it might be smarter to think "how can I put myself out and do extra work that might make me uncomfortable, yet shows the other person they are worth it".

What do you think?

Have A Great Day

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