Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Communicate Your Changes To Others and Yourself

40 Tips To Re-Invent and Re-Launch at Age 40, 50, or Beyond. (Tip #6)

A hard part of change is how you present yourself and how you and others respond to your planned adjustments.  Early in life we develop a self image that we present to the world, and it becomes a very complicated to implement a re-invention when there is a transformation of self.

Not only will other people not accept "the new you", you may not either.  A comfort zone by definition is comfortable.  To become different means work, and you will find resistance all around you. Others will often reject your efforts as it makes them uncomfortable, especially if they see your changing as somehow threatening.  This can be a matter of making them feel insecure about their own lack of achievements, and nobody wants to feel inferior.  

It is said you can store live lobsters in an open topped box.  When one lobster begins to crawl out of the container the others will use their claws to pull it back in.  Sound familiar?  It happens with humans, too.  Make an attempt to better your situation and those around you will attempt to hold you back.  Be prepared for some in your life not to be as supportive as you would have imagined.

Yet the biggest obstacle in your path might be yourself.  Many of us self sabotage our own growth.  A critical inner-voice will challenge you, making you question if you are really worthy of the new life you seek, and your subconscious can take you back to old routines fairly easily.  I find this with diet and exercise, as I intend to make good food choices, but after the second piece of cake I realize that I was not paying attention to my new routines, and acted from my old paradigms.

Sometimes we fear the unknown, and thus it is easier to stay put in our current situation.  We may say one thing out loud as to what we want, but the change we desire can also be scary.  Much like we cannot let the other people stop our progress, we cannot let fear paralyze us.  Face it and be honest about what is scary about the life tweaks you are undertaking.  

Transformation means being vigilant to the process and being sure you are regularly communicating your changes to yourself and others.  Do not allow distractions from the outside or the inside to hold you back.  The rewards of the new life should surpass the discomfort of the process, and you need to remember this as you develop a new self identification.

If you make a mistake, do not beat yourself up.  Instead get back on the track and keep trying.  Others may say "see, they are not changing", but if you know that you are making progress, don't let the naysayers get you down.  Have a positive attitude and know your motivation as to why you are making these shifts.  

Over communicate the details of your journey with others and yourself.  Change takes time, and nothing will speak louder than your actions.

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