Sunday, October 19, 2014

Cool Things My Friends Do (Week #117): Tim Hayden - "The Mobile Commerce Revolution"

Each week on this blog I enjoy highlighting some of the cool things my friends do in their personal and professional lives.

Welcome back to "Cool Things My Friends Do".  This nearly weekly blog post series is now in week #117.  I have not posted lately, as this series has spun out a new podcast: "Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do", and launching a podcast is a lot of work.... but the first six shows are live (two new episodes each week coming to an iTunes or Stitcher account near you!!!).  Check it out, subscribe and leave a comment.

Tim Hayden just released his book, "The Mobile Commerce Revolution". That is cool. Tim is a serial entrepreneur, marketing guru, speaker (he just joined the National Speakers Association), and a friend. I have known Tim for several years, and I mentioned him in my 2nd book, The ABC's of Networking. It has been great to see him navigate the ups and downs of an entrepreneurs, solopreneur, and intrapreneur.

Tim is a real thought leader in the world of social and mobile marketing.  He is also a hard working entrepreneur who makes things happen.

His book ,which is co-authored with Tom Webster, is an actionable guide is packed with brand-new case studies and practical guidance from small startups to large brands. The authors share their immense experience in a way that will make the reader think.

Congratulations to Tim and Tom.  I am thrilled to have them as week #117 of "Cool Things My Friends Do".  Also, Tim has agreed to be a guest on the podcast... so check back in a few weeks to listen to that episode.

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