Monday, October 13, 2014

Work In Progress - There Is No Rewind Button

The progression of a life is not always linear.  It goes up and down and all around.  From the outside other people assume that everyone else have their stuff together, while they only see their own struggles up close and personal.  

Part of being human is we are constantly being exposed to new ideas and information, and this can deeply impact a person.  Too often we think we know someone, only to later learn we knew the "old them" from long ago.  People do change, and often for the better.

We all are working out our own "stuff" and it is not easy for anyone.  There is "good stuff" and "bad stuff", but we all have piles of stuff littered around our souls. When someone opens up and shares their journey we get a glimpse, but even then we do not know all the details of how they wrestle their thoughts.  Too often the assumptions that are made are simply off track, and that keeps people from forging the mutually-beneficial relationships we desire and that could have positive impact on many lives.

Where it gets difficult is how judgmental most of us can be about others.  If we catch a glimpse of flaws in another person, decisions are made about the whole. In any one moment that you encounter someone, you may have not found them at their best.  Be careful not to close the lid on how you judge them, as your vantage point many not allow you to see the whole picture.  

I am totally a work in progress and know I have rubbed some people the wrong way in my nearly 50 years on earth.  But when I make a mistake (and understand what I have done - and agree that it is a mistake), I work diligently to improve from that moment forward.  I am cool that I am flawed, and do not hide from the bumps and bruises of living life.  There is work to be done to grow, and the more I learn listen to others, and hear them, the easier it is to find ways to improve.

The jumped to conclusions I have made about others are often wrong, and these warped impressions have caused me to miss out on knowing amazing souls.  After my 30th high school reunion I realized that the teenage version of me was surrounded by amazing people who I never talked to in school.  Why?  Who knows?  Maybe fear?  I was not a cool kid, and to protect "self" I apparently did not let everyone get close (fortunately I also had many great "forever friends" from my early days!).  

Over the years I have learned that most people are worth getting to know, and now try to let everyone into my world. I am even good about re-opening doors to those who have come and gone. Walling off and judging never brings new opportunity.  Sure, some folks are takers (or full of drama) but most are wildly awesome. Some wont gel with me in the long run, and that is okay.  But others bring fresh points of view and expose their knowledge that expands my own.

I wish I could go back and repair the mistakes I have made with people in the past.  I wish I could let people know I see and hear them.  Yet a work in progress is all about the progress. I am doing work each day to improve how I see the world.

There is no rewind button in life.... and that is okay.  The people who share my journey today are the ones seeking to get past their own negative stuff.  We will figure this out together!!!

Have A Great Day

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