Monday, October 27, 2014

What's New on the Podcast?

The Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do Podcast had a big weekend on the iTunes charts, ranking #4 in "Careers" and #15 in overall "Business".

Not sure how they do the algorithm for these lists, or why the show appeared so high, but it was fun to see it score well in a list that is populated by so many amazing Podcasts.

Last week the show featured Michael O'Neal (host of The Solopreneur Hour, and Mary Kelly, PhD (CEO of Productive Leaders).  This week will have two new shows that will release on Tuesday and Thursday.  I am having so much fun learning from the people I interview that I wish I was doing a 7 day a week show.

It is important for a new show to have listeners.  If you have an iTunes account please subscribe, download and leave a review.  If you are not on the Apple platform, you can go to Stitcher and also get the show (You can get the Stitcher app in the Android store), and the show can also be heard at  

The show is getting better with each interview, as I am finding my voice and getting some good feedback on how to interview by those with lots of experience.  I have a long way to go, but we are on this journey together.  Thank you to those who are investing their time to be part of the show.

Have A Great Day

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