Saturday, February 02, 2013

Urgency And People Will Grow Your Business

When trying to grow a business, you need a sense of urgency.  "Growth" does not happen by accident, and it will rarely happen the way you predict in your business plan.  Growing is not automatic, and in some cases, not necessary.  However, a focus on the the top line is necessary to get the business up and running.

For a new solo business (or any business), you must earn more than your expenses (for the business and the personal needs) or you will not be operating very long.  You can only live on a rice and beans diet for so long.  Eventually the reserves run out and your credit cards reach the maximum.  Launching the business must have urgent actions to accomplish the financial goals.

Too often entrepreneurs allow "hope" to dictate their early business plans, but this cannot bring about the results.  A sense of urgency is what creates the serious tone that is needed to create a strategic focus.

There is also a need for other people to support your cause when growing your company.  Many great business people fail because they ignore the power of their network in lieu of myopic attention to creating a product.  The best products alone cannot always go the distance.  It takes people who champion the cause and advance the reputation of the business.

I discovered through my own experience that not placing enough urgency on the sales operation could have derailed my business efforts.  Once I switched to a sales focus, my numbers rose quickly.  But the real success came from people who helped refer me to new opportunities.  Without the word of mouth that came from friends and those who saw my early presentations, I would never have had a business in the first place.

When others tell our story it creates more value with potential clients, and thus can speed up our growth.  Having people who are on our side makes the whole business journey more effective.

Now I look for ways to extend the urgency and to embrace the people who are my advocates. While I do not walk around instructing others how to promote my business, I try to take my excitement for growth evident.  Few things get others on board faster than your own passion for success, but you also must be willing to help them reach their goals (not everyone can or will look for ways to impact your career,.... but that should not stop you from trying to serve others.  Know that some will do the same for you).

Combining an attitude of urgency with the power of people is not always easy.  Our own hustle that can get us ahead will also keep us from seeing the whole picture.  We will easily miss the simple things that could lead to building long-term and meaningful relationships, and thus missed opportunities.

Go forth and grow, but do not try to do it alone.

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