Friday, February 15, 2013

Cool Things My Friends Do -- Michele Payn-Knoper: No More Food Fights!

Each Friday on this blog I enjoy highlighting some of the cool things my friends do in their work and personal lives. 

Michele Payn-Knoper is a friend of mine from the National Speakers Association.  She is one of the first people I ever met when I attended an NSA event.  She is smart, cool, dedicated and fun.... and we have the type of friendship where if I say something snarky... she would punch me in the arm... HARD  -- (YES, this happened last summer...Ouch!).

This week Michele released her new book, No More Food Fights!  Michele not only speaks about agricultural issues, she and her husband are farmers.  Known as one of North America’s leading farm and food advocates, she serves as a resource for people interested in agriculture and food through speaking and community building programs.

And she is not kidding around... she has strong opinions about the choices we are making as a society around food and nutrition.

Her book breaks down stereotypes,showing farmers who don’t wear overalls but who do use technology in producing food and preserving the environment, dairy farmers who work on “cow comfort,” and how hard farmers work on sustainability. On the other side, the book reminds farmers that only a tiny percentage of the population lives on a farm and urges farmers to tell their stories through social media and every day conversation to correct mistaken beliefs about food production perpetuated by traditional media.

The book’s very design lends itself to exploring both sides of the issue. One side of No More Food Fights! offers six senses for those who primarily consume food—chefs, healthcare professionals, foodies, dietitians, and retailers. Flipping the book reveals the other side, which features s 6½ steps geared toward those who produce food—farmers, agricultural businesses, and ranchers.

Throughout the book, she intersperses personal stories from farmers, food scientists, dietitians and ranchers. She naturally guides readers from both sides to “reach across the plate” to honestly explore food concerns and the critical connection from farm gate to food plate. Bring peace to your plate—and your next trip to the grocery store with No More Food Fights! as your guide.

Releasing a book is a HUGE accomplishment.  And thus she is top of the list this week for "Cool Things My Friends Do".

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