Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Speak More! by the National Speakers Association

I am honored that I was selected as one of the contributing authors for the National Speakers Association new flagship book Speak More! Marketing Strategies to Get More Speaking Business, which details the strategies, tactics and wisdom necessary for professional speaking success. The book is available to 3,000 members across the country on the NSA website, as well as through Amazon and other online bookstores.

"Speakers must adapt to the ever-changing marketplace," said Stacy Tetschner, Chief Executive Officer of the National Speakers Association (NSA). "Luckily, Speak More! gives speakers a detailed blueprint to boost business with a multi-faceted approach to the industry."

In Speak More!, 33 accomplished professional speakers share cutting-edge—but commonsense—approaches to help readers tap into multiple income streams. So what's stopping entrepreneurs from applying these principles to their business? Nothing. Whether you want to build a prominent online brand or create a publishing presence, Speak More! gives you actionable, effective tools to thrive. Sample chapters include "How Author and Book Platforms Lead to Rock-Star Branding"; "You're Hired! Using Sales and Marketing to Book More Speaking Gigs"; and "Go Global with Your Message."

"Speak More! embodies the very essence of what NSA is all about: incredibly accomplished and successful people telling you how they’ve succeeded, spilling the beans on their ‘secrets,’ giving away the very ideas and strategies that they use to create a competitive edge," said author Joe Calloway, CSP, CPAE. "If this book doesn’t help your career, then you didn’t read it."

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thom singer

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Laura Dean Mooney said...

Thanks Thom! I ordered it a few minutes ago.

Laura Dean-Mooney
College Station, TX