Wednesday, August 08, 2012

10 Things to Remember About Networking

What resonates in your mind about networking?  These are the easy, but often over-looked, ideas and actions that can have an immediate impact on a person's personal and professional life.

The Things To Remember About Networking

1.  Networking is not a verb.  You don't "go network".  It is a lifestyle.

2.  Do not confuse networking with personal friendship.  While some people certainly do become your friends, you will be disappointed if you expect to reach a quick level of intimacy with the people you meet in professionals setting.

3.  Regardless of if you are an introvert or extrovert you can network and stay true to your own comfort zones.

4.  If you want conversations to go deeper than surface "chit-chat" you must have a purpose in how you ask questions (and listen).

5.  Online networking is not about the numbers.  You will get better results when you have a mutually beneficial relationship.

6.  Make the time, because it is an investment in your future.

7.  Treat everyone with interest and respect as you never know whom might become that connection that have meaningful impact in the future.

8.  The best networkers find success in being a giver and connecting others without being worried about "what's in it for me".

9.  Social media is not a fad.  The time for making excuses about why social media is not for you is past.

10.  Having your phone out while in a live conversation is rude.  Nobody really has to check their email or texts constantly.

Have A Great Day.

thom singer

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