Saturday, August 04, 2012

One More Thing About Cathryn Sloane

Last week I posted about the twenty-something Cathryn Sloane who wrote the blog post for NextGen Journal about "Why Every Social Media Manager Should Be Under 25".  While I thought her opinion was silly, I also know I said silly (and arrogant) things when I was 25-years-old (gosh, I am sure I still say stuff).  The difference was there was no internet when I was that age.  With this one post she launched a generational firestorm online.

I have been wondering what she was going to say next.  Her next step could be a foundation for a successful career.  She certainly got attention, but now the question is what will she do with the platform.  A few friends said she is probably hoping for a reality show or some other quick fix leap to fame.  I hoped she would work to earn the next step in her career.

In seeking her response I ran across the website  It was not her.  In fact, it was not claimed when she wrote her July 20th post where she applauded her generation for just being smarter online than those who were born earlier.  Ummmm....  some old dude named Craig Barry purchased the URL last week and popped up a one page WordPress site pointing out that while claiming her superiority in understanding social media marketing, she had never secured her own  Ooops.

I now hope she is working on that Reality TV angle.

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