Thursday, December 16, 2010

Your Email Holiday Card Is LAME

Sorry to all the companies and law firms who are trying to save money by not mailing out holiday cards, but replacing them with an HTML emails with a photos of a winter's day is LAME.

One firm said they did away with paper cards for environmental reasons, and that they made a charitable donation with the money. The problem is clients believe the decision was more about the hassle created by mailing cards and that they only donated a portion of the money saved.

Hey, who knew you could make cutting out the holiday card into a profit center?

I am not a fan of paper holiday cards, either, as they tend to get lost in the mix. I think companies that have touch points at other times of the year stand out from their competition. Some do birthday wishes, other mail out good tidings at Thanksgiving or St. Patrick's Day. One friend dreams of sending out cards by US Mail on Arbor Day with the message "Enjoy the Irony" (I love that one!).

But the email is just so awful. I hit delete in less time than it takes for the cheesy stock photo to download. At least with paper cards I keep them until January.

I think I have written this same blog post in years past, but this year I seem to get some computer generated holiday wish in my InBox every half hour. It is dumb, folks.

Don't be a LAME-O..... Reach out human to human.... not with some spammy email.

Have A Great Day.



Harwick Family said...

My lame-o card will arrive in your Inbox next week. I will tell you Merry Christmas here since our card probably says Happy Holidays and you would probably delete before getting to it!

Eric Doggett said...

I, too, am in favor of sending real cards vs. email ones :)