Saturday, December 04, 2010

What Is Your Back-Up Plan?

My phone rang at 9 AM. It was the CEO of a local company and professional speaker (and fellow National Speaker's Association member). His voice made it clear that he was sick. He had lost his voice, and he was scheduled to deliver a keynote speech to 150 professionals from around the country. His 90-minute presentation was a few hours away. He did not want to disappoint the event organizer, but there was no way he could speak.

I was in town and, with a few calls, I was able to clear my calendar. I jumped in and gave a talk that was well received. The audience was satisfied with the replacement speaker and I made a new friend in the event organizer.

This is an important reminder to all of us who speak, consult, train, coach, etc..... When you are the product, what is your back-up plan?

Having a community of other professionals of whom you can turn to in your time of need is imperative. While I have never had to utilize a "back up plan", I do have a group of other speakers through NYP Speakers and the National Speakers Association whom I could call.

A friend is organizing a large conference for her professional association, and has two people who will be attending the event (who are speakers) who agreed to be "on deck" in case any of the scheduled presenters miss a flight or if there are technical problems with the Skype-ing in of a few out of town special guests. That is brilliant to have a back up plan.

Think about your business. Do you have "back up plans" in place?

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