Friday, December 31, 2010

Human Engagement

As we say goodnight to 2010 be mindful that "Social Media" activity is not a replacement for actual human engagement.

The economic downturn and the explosion of "online social" have corresponded in parallel. Coincidence or a place for people to hide out during crappy times?

2011 will bring new "buzz words" into the business vernacular, but "buzz" only goes so far. All opportunities come from people, and those who will get ahead of the rush to economic recovery will do so via the cultivation on powerful business relationships. People matter.

Do not just go through your day with a rush for deadlines and busy-work. Do not confuse an electronic link on Facebook to a real friendship. Your number of Twitter followers is not equal to the level you contribute to society.

Invest in engaging the people who are part of your world. Make "Human Engagement" your mantra.

Have A Great Year.

thom singer

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