Friday, December 17, 2010

Sales and Business Development Training Programs

When I began my business as a speaker I was hired to deliver keynote presentations at company meetings, law firm retreats, and industry conferences. That was what I did.

Then some people began asking if I offered coaching. Thus I started working with a small number of individuals to help them develop and execute their business development plans. Most of my clients are senior associates or young partners in law firms who realize they must cultivate powerful long-term relationships in their communities if they want to develop a book of business. While I had avoided coaching people, it turns out I liked this aspect of my career.

I also had several executives and managers, who had seen me speak at a company meeting or industry conference, ask me if I could conduct more in depth training programs for their employees. These executives were looking for sales and business development classes that went farther than a 60 minute keynote.

Thus, I created a series of ongoing training classes that can be customized to educate and inspire the employees in professional services firms and other businesses. A sales and business development culture is paramount for growth. However, it takes training, discussion and intentional actions to cultivate this important company-wide attitude.

Utilizing DISC Assessments tools and learning objectives, combined with my 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, business development and communications, I customize programs to help my clients discover more success.

As your business starts the new year, make a commitment to develop your employees. I would welcome the opportunity to have a dialogue about your business and the unique challenges your company faces in identifying more prospective clients.

Contact me for more information on working together.

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