Thursday, July 01, 2010

Finding a Professional Speaker


If you are hosting a business event and are seeking a professional speaker (or speakers) who will captivate, inspire and motivate your audience, please contact NYP Speakers.

NYP Speakers is not a traditional speakers bureau, but more a connection service. We will assist in determining the best type of program for your audience, and help you discover several speakers that will meet your expectations and your budget.

Hiring the wrong person can spoil your meeting. Creating the right match of audience to presentation will fuse your event into the memory of everyone in attendance.

NYP Speakers is a community of speakers, but we are not limited to matching you with those on our list. Through our network of connections in the speaking business, we will help you find the right person who will give you a customized presentation. Speakers do not need to be difficult to work with in the execution of your program. Understanding the expectations of both parties will make the whole process run better.

If you have never hired a speaker before, we are happy to share with your our philosophy of ensuring that you are getting a professional who will help set the tone that ensures a successful convention, sales meeting, users conference, law firm retreat, etc...

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