Sunday, July 18, 2010

Entrepreneurs Never Know For Sure They Will Succeed

My blog post from Friday spurred a phone call from a friend who is frustrated with his slow progress in moving his company to the next level. While he is not a client, I have coached him for a long time on building his brand, networking, marketing, PR, and visibility.... and I know and understand his business. He is successful, but has not yet reached his potential.

He could feel my own trials and tribulations and my sense of feeling overwhelmed in the worlds I wrote. It worried him, as his impression is that I do an above average job of juggling all the responsibilities, and if I could see the "wolves at the door", then he feared his own "wolves" getting inside.

We talked for 20 minutes. He is distraught about the amount of work he does "just to keep up" with the information, client requests, family obligations, running a business, growing a reputation, all the while still finding time to keep himself fit (mentally, physically and spiritually). His biggest worry is that he letting down his family, his business partner, and himself.

I had no answer. There is no magic bullet. I think all entrepreneurs have these feelings from time to time. While we would all like a crystal ball, we cannot know what is around the next corner, and success requires a level of faith that you will reach the promised land.

We agreed to talk again next week. He needs to regroup and motivate himself. There is no "motivation fairy" who will sprinkle him with dust. I told him to go close a deal, as I find nothing gets me back on track has signing up a new client or delivering a speech or training program for a company or law firm.

I challenged him to notice those he encounters this week who inspire him, and to let that inspiration sink into his soul.

I will report back as to how he feels next week.

Have A Great Day.


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