Sunday, July 25, 2010

Attention Sales Managers, Business Owners, and Law Firm Managing Partners - The Time Is NOW To Start Thinking About 2011 Business Development

If I was to ask you if you believed "your organization will have its best year ever in 2011?", how would you answer?

Perhaps you would tell me that you are unsure. You may sight the current economic conditions as a reason for your uncertainty. Maybe you would question the competition's roll out of new technology, and wonder if it would give them a leg up? And it is possible that after two hard years you are concerned about your firm's survival. Your answer might be that you are going to wait and see what the new year brings.

Perhaps you would respond that you were confident that 2011 will be fantastic. The reason for this is because you have no competition and your organization prints money quarter after quarter. Your CFO has never seen any hiccups on the balance sheet. Recession? What recession? You are on fire, and know it will continue into 2011 (if this is your answer - GOOD FOR YOU! Keep it up!).

Perhaps you would state that you are committed to doing just that, making 2011 your best year ever, and you would ask me if I could assist you in discovering the path to more success. Maybe you would share that you have a good team of people but they need more direction to be the great business developers you know they can become.

If the third answer sounds the closest to your response, now is the time to take action. To impact 2011 you have to begin to have the hard discussions with your people now. You have to lay the ground work for creating a business development culture that will bring in new clients and expand your brand in the marketplace. There is now wishing or hoping when it comes to changing the direction for next year. You must have the hard conversations, and the sooner you start, the faster you will receive results.

There is no magic bullet. Waiting to see what the new year brings will just leave you behind. It is always harder to catch up when the year is half over and you are panicking about hitting your numbers.

If you want to grow the visibility of your organization in your business community, and end up on more "short lists" with prospective clients, it takes a commitment from everyone who works with you. You cannot do this alone. Relying on a few "rainmakers" leaves you vulnerable.

As the person in charge of revenue growth you have to lead a cultural revolution that supports the efforts that bring in business. Allowing people to stay in the status quo will mean that nothing will happen.

If you are reading this post and feeling a tug in your soul that you have to take action, then quit rationalizing excuses and just do it. Uncover your path to success and lead your team out of the forest of mediocrity.

Have A Great Day.


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