Friday, June 04, 2010

Second Tier Efforts Bring Second Tier Results

There is no magic that will bring you marketing and business development success.

While consulting with professionals I ask them; "If you had a magic wand, and money was not an issue, what would you do to improve your business development, markteting, branding, PR, social media, visibility and sales?"

The answer always comes down to the same thing.... in one way or another they wish they could just get someone else to do it all for them. They want it to be great, but they do not want to think about it.

Professional services firms (and others) throw lots of money at consultants and outsourcing options, only to find that these efforts come up short.

Why? Because nobody can do these things for you. You have to own the tasks to build a long-lasting and recognizable brand. No magic... just consistent hard work.

Treating business development and marketing as a second tier priority will always give you second tier marketing and business development. Pony up and take the actions needed to win.... or stop wishing.

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