Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hey Baby-Boomers, Are You Out of Touch About Social Media?

I find it interesting when I speak to many professionals that are still hoping that social media is a fad. I know it sounds silly, but there are people who keep saying "I don't get it" or "that is just for the younger generations". NOT.

Do not sit on the side lines and wait for social media to go away. It is here to stay.

Have A Great Day.


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Brigitte Benquet said...

Thanks Thom, I enjoy what you write and wholeheartedly agree.

One step forward: if one does not see yet how the internet has the potential and power to challenge major elements of the global geopolitical and economical order, I'd say: open your eyes wider and please consider joining the ride!

And if the "global geopolitical and economical order" seems way too remote for you (understandably), join any way to stay in touch with kids and grand kids!

Brigitte Benquet