Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pain In The Neck

Has anyone ever called you a "pain in the neck"?

If so, this is not a compliment. I know, as earlier today I developed a pain in my neck..... and it ruined my whole day.

It came on just before I was to lead a business development training seminar for a group of partners in a law firm. I took some Motrin and jumped into my presentation.

My neck and shoulder were hurting, but the show must go on. After the seminar I went home and took more of the pain reliever.

The afternoon was ruined. I tried to get some work done, but the pain was just strong enough to scrape away my ability to concentrate.

It made me realize the expression "Pain In The Neck" is a serious accusation. When you have such a pain, it rots away all your normal defenses and leaves you powerless. Think Kryptonite to Superman.

If you are being a pain in the neck to someone in your world... for goodness sake, STOP IT! I would not wish such a thing (literally or figuratively) on anyone.

Have A Great Day.


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