Friday, March 21, 2008

One Week Job (dot) Com

Yesterday I had the pleasure to meet Sean Aiken, a twenty-something Canadian who has had a really remarkable year.

Like many in his generation (or any generation!) he did not know what he wanted to do with his life upon graduating college. Sean was not going to be happy with leaping into a job that did not suit him and spending his time stuck in the routine of a boring life. He wanted more.

Instead he decided to explore his options. Sean decided to take one year to test drive 52 different jobs to fully understand what the world has to offer. He launched a website, and asked companies around the United States and Canada to hire him for one week. He has traveled far and wide and seen things that most of us can only dream about.

Week 50 of 52 brings Sean to Austin, Texas where he is working for the Texas Society of Association Executives (TSAE) as an "Association Professional". This is not just an association.... it is an association of associations!

Over the past year Sean has been a stock trader, cowboy, pest exterminator, professional sports team mascot, firefighter, park ranger, radio disc jockey and lot of other cool things (Click Here to read his blog).

Each week he works in a unique and different role around North America. His salary is donated to charity (could you imagine if he was paid a salary for each of these jobs? His IRS tax return would require a senior partner from Ernst & Young to figure out!!!), but this is not about the money....Sean is having an amazing life-changing adventure.

Next week he will be working for the Air Force (I wonder if they will shave his long blond dreadlocks?) and for his final week he will return to his hometown and work as the mayor for a week.

So what career will Sean select? Seems like his first job is "professional author", as he has a book deal. He has a great story and is the one of the most genuine individuals you can ever meet. I am jealous, as nobody told me at 22 that I could take off and explore the world. Instead I was encouraged to get a job and launch my career and life. I admire his spirit and know that we will see more of Sean Aiken, as I think big things are in his future.

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Anonymous said...

What a curious, multi-talented, flexible, resilient and likeable yung man he must be to get hired and do these jobs. And these are all vital skills in the workplace today. Those young Canadian men are out to create their own adventures, do good and attract book deals it seems.
I covered the 4 from B.C. of Buried Life and the two brothers who started a Me to We movement "long ago" when they were even younger, here

My adventures, post- college of going off to Europe seem so tame in comparison. Sean is an inspiration to us of all ages. Kudos on the fun post.