Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The "IT" Factor

Steve Harper of The Ripple Effect had a simple post on his blog yesterday that I thought I would share. He called it "Getting To IT" and challenged his readers to be sure they are clear on what "it" is in their life that they desire.

I know people who want "more" in life, but have no idea what that means. They look at the financial success of other people and they covet the lifestyle and material things. These people "feel" inside that they want the money, toys and fame.... but they are not clear on the commitment necessary to make this a reality.

Simply "feeling" a vague want is not enough. You must be clear on what "it" is you are going for or you will forever be adrift.

Many are paralyzed by fear. They are scared to announce to the world what "it" is that they want to accomplish. Mr. Harper states that you have to "socialize" your heart's desire amongst your peers, friends, business associates and any stranger on the street who will listen. Tell everyone you can about what "it" is all about. You never know whom might be able to help you.

If you hide your goals from the world they will never blossom. Your goals, like flowers, need to see the light of day to grow. Get past your fears of saying "it" out loud and tell those around you all about your plans.

See the vision of what "it" is that you plan to accomplish in your life and career. Take the action necessary to move forward everyday. Small steps will lead you to completion of your journey. If you are clear of your direction, then answering the tough questions that pop up along the way becomes simple.

Have A Great Day.


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Steve Harper said...


Thanks for the shout out on your BLOG. You are too awesome!

Thanks so much my friend and I know we are both still discovering the "IT" for our lives and careers...but isn't that half the fun of it all?

Ripple On!!!