Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Election Day in TEXAS

Today is the big day. Texans go to the polls to vote in the US presidential primaries.

The Democrats have a historic choice, Senator Hillary Clinton or Senator Barak Obama will soon clinch the nomination of their party (some think today, but I doubt it) and the winner will face Senator John McCain in November.

Both Clinton or Obama will bring a campaign of historic proportions. But only one will bring a new tone to the election season, as I believe that Mrs. Clinton will deliver us another bitterly divided election ("us vs. them" and "Red State / Blue State"...the usual political stuff). I think regardless of who wins the American people want a different type of campaign. But maybe I am wrong...I have been wrong before. Maybe people like it when there is hate, finger pointing and mistrust leading the way in politics. I don't.

The below made me laugh a lot. I found it on Todd And's blog, who always has interesting stuff. It sure makes it look like Bill Clinton supports Obama, as his wife has tried to scare Democrats into supporting her with her commercials about experience (her commercials support McCain if you really think hard about it).

Only twice in history has a sitting US Senator ever been elected to the highest office in the land (John F. Kennedy and Warren Harding). Many have run, but few have succeeded. This time it looks pretty sure that a third will get there.

The good news about this election is the huge numbers of voters who are turning out to participate. Texas has already had four times the number of votes cast in "early voting" than four years ago. Having people vote is what makes the system work. Not voting just leaves it up to the political machine to call the shots. Yuck.

So sit back and watch the show. My prediction is that the two Democrats split the votes and nothing is decided today, which will take the fight to the convention. It has been decades since a party had no clear nominee going into a convention, and in this day of pervasive media such a fight could be the real historic part of this election. In days ago, back room deals and private political positioning ruled the party conventions, now it will all be transparent. Like watching sausage being made, not sure anyone will want to see the details. It could be fun.

Have A Great Day.



Liz said...

I agree that if Hilary Clinton becomes the Democratic candidate that she will lead a bitter and divisive campaign. Obama is such a breath of fresh air. I met him when I was living in Chicago and he is as classy , smart and elegant in person as he is on TV. I hope he beats the pants off Hilary.

Anonymous said...

Around the country, we are all watching intently what happens in your state. I've never been on pins and needles during an election like I have in this one. Texas and Ohio, please choose wisely!