Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday Parade of Random Stuff - Seven Things That Are On My Mind

I used to have a recurring theme on my blog on Friday mornings called "Friday Parade of Random Stuff", where I would write about anything that crossed my mind. It was my personal chance to vent, rant, complain, pontificate and sing from the roof tops.

I woke up early this morning and decided that my blog post today would just be a random stream of thoughts. Seven things from me to you:

1. This was a great week. At work, at home, my speaking business, my new book project.... everything went very well and I advanced the ball down the field on many fronts. I like having a productive week and I love seeing those around me achieving their goals. I observed many things this week that were successful and I wake up today happy about the world.

2. Presidential politics and all the media shenanigan's around the candidates is numbing. I used to love the political process, but I just can't take it any more. The new transparency that exists in our society has made the primary process more like watching sausage being made. It is just icky. I wish someone would smack the leaders of the Republican and Democrat parties with a dose of reality. The people do not like how you are doing things. Please find a way to do them better.

3. Many people who use social online networking and media tools on a regular basis forget that not EVERYONE has come over to embrace the online world. It is actually a small number of people who use sights like Twitter and other internet based communities. Sure, these numbers are growing, but they are not pervasive as of yet. By assuming that all are "in the know" they create barriers and cliques...which makes social online networking much less social and more like the hallways of my high school.

4. My next book, Some Assembly Required: A Networking Guide For Women is now in the final stages of editing. This book, co-authored with business communications guru Marny Lifshen will be available in May. We are excited about the upcoming release of the book, which will be the next in the series of books under the Some Assembly Required brand.

If you have not read Some Assembly Required: How to Make, Grow and Keep Your Business Relationships, it is available on I always appreciate it when people read my books and then drop me a note telling me what parts of it they enjoyed. Thanks!

It is from your feedback that I am able to improve the products and also come up with new ideas for future books. The book focusing on women came about because of women who approached me with gender specific ideas and tips.

5. Since I now have the opportunity to do more public speaking, I regularly get asked to send a DVD of my presentations to those who want to hire me. I had never been taped nor created a video, so this is a project that is looming over me for the next few months.

I now have an amazing Speaker's Agent who works with speaker's bureaus to help get me more professional speaking appearances, but this also means I have to create new marketing materials, etc..... To date I have built my speaking business on word-of-mouth marketing, but that is changing. Below is a short video clip of me speaking to a group of lawyers on the topic of business development and networking.

6. Those who read my blog regularly know that in February I set out to raise $1000 for the local Children's Hospital in celebration of my daughter's 6th birthday. I asked the readers of my blog, and those I am connected with on Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn and Facebook to donate small amounts via the hospital's "MyFundraiser" software.

The grand total was $1710. WOW. I want to thank everyone who donated.... it was a fun thing to see the goal shattered by so many generous souls. Every February I am going to try to join together with the readers of this blog to support a charitable cause. Again, THANK YOU.

7. Today can be a great day if you make it a great day. Too many people see the glass as half empty. Dang it...don't be one of those people. Search for the good in every person you encounter and realize that most folks are just trying to do the best they can. It is so easy to tear others apart over small issues.

Look at the presidential campaigns. Wouldn't it be fun if we passed a law where on Fridays all the candidates (and everyone who works for them or supports them) could only praise each other. If they had nothing to good to say, or go negative, then they could not have any media coverage for the whole following week. Just one day a week would they need to be nice, but on that day they had to stay "above the line" and positive.

Yes... I know, that could never happen in a presidential campaign...but you can do it in your life and on your blog. No criticism of anything on Fridays (Under this rule I would need to remove my 2nd point in this post, as it is technically a criticism). By staying out of the mud and focusing on what is great around us, we would all prosper.

Look at how often we all go negative, or accept others being nasty, on so many topics. We point fingers, blame and hate far too often for the overall good of society. It irks me (and I am as guilty of this as the next guy!).

Well...there you have random thoughts that were on my mind when I woke up.

Have A Great Day.


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